ATN Help Desk

You would like to offer a better support to your customers through a modern, fast loading and mobile-friend interface?
Make it happen with our latest ATN Help Desk desk software - a modern web system / php script allowing you to handle support tickets, create a knowledge base with help articles and many other features ... Check our online demos and features below.
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What is ATN Help Desk?

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ATN Help Desk is a website system (php script), , which can be installed quickly on your server or hosting package (a free installation service can be provided by us) to create a modern help desk system for your users. Except the standard functionality for submitting and replying support tickets, it includes also functionality to create a manage a knowledge base with help articles, create frequently asked question sections and many other features.

ATN Help Desk is composed by three main parts - a front site (allowing the users to see the help articles, website pages and information, sign up and others), user admin panel (from where the registered users can post, see and reply their tickets, modify their information and others) and a main administration panel for the main administrator and support agents, to manage the site and its settings, users and the support tickets.

ATN Help Desk is written in PHP and is using a MySQL database to store the data. To run it requires a hosting package support PHP and MySQL versions 5.2+.

What makes it different from the other help desk systems on the market?

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The multiple features for the users and the user-friendly interface - allowing the site users to get help easily and manage their tickets and information.
The interface can be customized easily to match your corporate identity, for example you can change with a single click the site colors (to make it match your logo or corporate colors), change the background images and others. Also its nice and responsive (mobile-friendly) design is optimized for speed and performance - the pages load quickly and the site speed and responsive design play now a key role in 2018 for better SEO ranking and improved user experience.
Another big advantage is that ATN Help Desk is provided with the complete not-encrypted source codes making possible for other developers to modify them and add new features and also free technical support and free installation on your host, in order that you can have your website up and running quickly, and many others.

Customizable design, multi-language & provided with the full source codes

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ATN Help Desk is using a flexible template system - the main site design can be customized or new custom templates to be integrated.

It's multi-language and different translations are available on request and you could also create easily your own translations to your preferred languages.

The software is provided also with the complete php source codes, so you or developers working for you could modify them or add new features on your website if necessary.

Find out more about the features or Check the frequently asked questions

Online Demos

help desk php software front end demo

Front-End Demo

Click here to open the demo

You could customize the site colors with a single click from the admin panel

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Administration Panel Demo

Click here to open the demo

user: administrator
password: abc123

user help submit ticket php script

User Admin Panel Demo

Click here to open the demo

user: demo
password: demo