ATN Simple Cart is an easy to install and responsive (mobile-friendly) php script allowing add a basic and responsive AJAX shopping cart to a web page ...

What is ATN Simple Cart?

simple shopping cart bootstrap no database

It's a simple and easy to integrate simple shopping cart script - you need to just include a single line of php code in your php file or add an iframe if you wish to insert it in a html file.
No database is used and no installation is required, the products information is defined in a XML file with your products (see Help & FAQ for the supported format).
The customers will be able to add the products in their cart, check out (an email notification will be sent to the store owner) and pay with PayPal (the script generates the PayPal payment code).

Easy Integration, No database required

cart integration in verti responsive template

ATN Simple Cart is not using any MySQL or other type of database and no setup is required. You just need to download the files, copy them on your site (they are in a separate folder to avoid conflict with other files you may have) and include a single line of php code or add an iframe.
On our Demos & Examples tab, you may see examples of some integrations we did in free responsive templates that could be also downloaded from web.


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