dashboard of the atn blog administration panel blog php script

Dashboard of the ATN Blog administration panel

On the dashboard the administrator can see an overview of the number of the current blog posts, blog categories, button to make new posts and also the list of the latest blog posts

new blog post form blog php script

New blog post form

When making a new blog post, the administrator can select the blog category, enter the blog title, content and also select any images / photos to be shown with the post

setting the blog categories blog php script

Setting the blog categories

The blog categories can be set as a list - one category per line, allowing to change them quickly or translate them in different languages

managing the blog posts in the admin panel blog php script

Managing the blog posts in the admin panel

On the Blog Posts page, the administrator can see the current posts and choose to edit or delete any of them. The new blog post button on the page allows also to make quickly new posts on the site.

blog settings blog php script

Blog Settings

The Blog Settings page allows to change the blog main / accent color and also settings like the font family and font size used on the blog, if SEO urls and Captcha images should be used, the date format settings, time zone and edit also the administrator's username and password that can be used to access the administration panel.