→ A very easy to install and not using any MySQL database script - to install it, it's just necessary to copy its files to your website or preferred folder (free installation is also provided by us on request)

→ Administration panel allowing to manage the different blog and website configuration options and settings

→ Responsive (mobile friendly) front end layout, adapting to the different screen sizes and devices like smart phones or tablets

→ Functionality to create blog categories and group the posts by category

→ Search form allowing to search the blog posts by keyword

→ Contact form allowing to contact the administrator / site owner and send him any questions or contact messages

→ Functionality to set links to social media pages like Facebook, Twitter etc. , which show up then in the Follow Us section on the front-end

→ Feature to change the blog logo from the admin panel or set the logo as text

→ Functionality to customize the blog header or create home page intro title and text

→ Possibility to set the default meta tags from the admin panel - the post tags are generated automatically based on the blog post title and content

→ Functionality to make new blog posts or edit the existing ones with a WYSIWYG text editor, upload photos for the posts and others

→ Customize the blog design settings like changing the default font family used on the site, font size and others

→ Set an accent color for the blog, allowing to turn immediately the blog colors to be for example red, green etc. or set a custom color code to match an existing website logo

→ Customize the date format and time settings

→ Enable Captcha images (human checking) to be used on the site

→ Enable or disable SEO format for the front end site links from the administration panel

and others ...