→ Multi-user blog portal with automatic blog creation - the users can sign up on the front site and their blogs will be created automatically

→ Responsive and mobile-friendly design - all the templates and the design of the main site, bloggers admin panel and the main admin panel are using responsive and mobile friendly design (Bootstrap 3.0)

Charging the users and pricing plans - the administrator can create different pricing plans / subscriptions with different prices and features and charge the users depending on the pricing plan they select →

→ Sub domains and sub folders like url format - the administrator can set the blog url format he prefers from the administration panel

→ Making blog posts - the users can make blog posts, edit or delete them, upload pictures for them and others

→ Blog comments and rating the blog posts - the visitors of the site can comment and rate the posts. The bloggers can manage the comments and black list IP addresses.

→ Blogs design and customization - the bloggers can customize the design and layout of their blogs by choosing between different premade templates, change the accent color or background image and others

→ Creating photo albums & uploading files - the bloggers can create photo albums and upload pictures in them, upload also files in the file formats allowed by the administrator

→ SEO friendly - using tags and links in search engines friendly format and other SEO techniques for better ranking in search engines

→ Site structure management for the administrator - allowing to add new pages to the website directly from the admin panel, rename or remove the existing ones, use WYSIWYG editor to modify the pages conten

→ Fast loading & responsive admin panel - the pages in the admin panel load without reloading the entire website (using the AJAX technology) eansuring faster navigation and website management

→ Multi-language and language files - the language files can be translated in order to add new languages on the website. Ready translations are also available, please contact us for details

→ Manage the website configuration options like time zone and others

→ Add new language versions of the website, set the page names, tags and content separately for the different languages

→ See users log in report for the admin panel

→ and many others ...