What are the hosting requirements?

The hosting requirements are PHP and MySQL, versions 5 or higher. We highly recommend choosing Linux hosting packages, since PHP & MySQL are more stable and work better on Linux compared to Windows.
Please click here to check also our recommended hosting packages.

Will I receive the source codes, can I edit them and make changes myself?

Yes, we provide the not encrypted source codes, so you or developers working for you could make modifications in them or add new features if necessary.

Do you offer free installation on my hosting package?

Yes, we can do the installation on your server or hosting package - free of charge. To do the installation, we need the FTP and MySQL information for the website or if it's easier for you and you have a control panel like cPanel for your hosting package, you could send us instead the username and password for it.

Am I required to keep a link to your website or Powered By?

No, we don't require that you keep any links back to us, nor powered by neither on the front site nor in the admin panels.

What are the options to charge the users and how could I make money from the website?

I don't like the categories or locations I have seen on your demos, can I change them with my own ones or the ones of my country?

Yes, the categories and locations can be changed easily from the admin panel, so you as administrator are free to set whatever categories or locations you may prefer. We have also ready locations list for many of the countries in the world, that we can provide for free on request (please don't hesitate to contact us for details).

Can I translate it to my own language?

Yes, the translation is stored in an external language / text file, so it's easy to translate it to a new language. There are also ready translations available, please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know the language you may be interested in and we'll get back to you asap with detailed information.

Can I change the colors on the default designs or add my own design / template?

We use only Bootstrap 3 responsive templates, so yes, you can change the colors on them by modify the css files. We tried also to design the script to be as flexible as possible regarding the templates, so new custom templates can be also integrated (please check our online demos page to check demos with different templates).

Can I change the currency, date format and time on the website?

Yes, all these are settings can be changed easily from the admin panel, so you can set the ones used in your country.

Can I use more scripts of yours on the same website?

Yes, any combinations are possible like adding also a general classifieds section on the website based on ATN Classifieds or a business directory based on ATN Business Directory etc. Also the different scripts can be set to use a single log in (so the users won't need to register again) and the same design in order to look like being a part of the same website.

What are the differences between the Standard (one domain) version and the Enterprise (unlimited domains)?

The only difference is that the Standard version can be used on one domain name (which you can change at any moment, at no extra fee), while the Enterprise can be used on unlimited number of websites. Otherwise the functionality for both is the same.

Can I first purchase the one domain version and later upgrade to the unlimited domains one?

Yes, you can upgrade at any moment by only paying the difference.

Do you offer customization services, can you add some custom features on my website?

Yes, we offer vairous customization and custom development services - please don't hesitate to contact us and send us the requirements you may have and we'll get back to you asap after that with detailed information like if we can do them for you, how fast, the cost estimation etc.