Real Estate Agency Free Template

A template created for real estate agencies or simple real estate websites ...
real estate agency free responsive and fast loading template
This is a template created for real estate agencies, but can also be adapted to other industries or other online classifieds websites. It has darker colors that can be changed in the .css file - it contains only one css file with a size of 71 KB (or 53 KB when minified) that is optimized for maximum website performance and loading speed. You can download the .zip of the template (including the .html, .css and .js files) for free by clicking the Free Download button below. If you are interested, we also offer a back end and various PHP scripts and systems for real estate websites that you can use to turn the website into a fully functional real estate agency website or real estate listing website. To check out these options, scroll down below and visit the website of our PHP Real Estate Agency solution.

The load time of this template when uploaded online should be under a second for most users, which improves the user experience and also gives an excellent result when checking the site with Google's PageSpeed Insights tool.

We specialize in creating highly optimized website templates for creating highly efficient websites in terms of loading speed, performance and SEO. All templates shown on this website are available for free download. We also offer backend systems, PHP scripts and various ready-made modules that allow you to turn these templates into fully functional websites with numerous features for users, as well as an advanced administration panel to manage the website and its various settings. To help you quickly build the website according to your requirements and business needs, we also offer affordable customization and development services.

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Get this template and a PHP script for it coming with an admin panel
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Get a full-featured website up and running with this template and ready-made backend system (PHP script) especially created for it.
When getting this template and a PHP script especially designed for it, you get a fully functional website with an administration panel and plenty of features for the users.
We provide also free technical support, free installation on your host (if you prefer that we do it for you) and full source codes of the PHP script.

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