→ Responsive and mobile friendly front site admin panel layouts (adapting to tablets and smartphones screen sizes)

→ Multi-language, using language files and can be easily translated to any language

→ SEO optimized, using tags and links in search engines friendly format

→ Google Maps integration with GeoCoding, allowing to add a map directly by entering the company address

→ Free and paid pricing plans / listing packages, allow the administrator to create different listing packages, free and featured / paid (showing always on top of the search results, in the special featured listing sections, also allowing to select more than one category and others )

→ Slide shows showing the featured business listings

Fast and responsive administration panel for easy website management including when using mobile devices

→ Custom fields management, create own fields for the listings directly from the admin panel

→ Functionality to search and browse the business listing by category and location

→ Listing packages management - create free or paid packages, set their price and charge the users using different payment systems (like PayPal, 2checkout and others) integrated by default

→ Add new listings by entering the company name, description, logo, address, website, phone, contact person and others

→ Manage the website structure - add new pages, rename or delete the current ones

→ Edit the content of the pages with a WYSIWYG editor

→ Create custom php files with your own code and set them to be executed for selected page

→ Edit separately the meta tags of the front site pages, set their meta description, keywords and title for better SEO

→ Set different templates to be used for the different pages

→ Edit the template of the front site navigation menu

→ Create web forms with your own fields (like contact forms or similar) directly from the admin panel

→ See the data posted through the web forms, set it to be sent to an email address

→ Create custom html tags - insert them in the template and add php files to be executed for them

→ News management, post news on the website, edit or delete them

→ Frequently asked questions manager, add questions and answers to be shown on a selected page of the front site

→ Add, modify and edit front site templates

→ See statistics for the website visits

→ Information about the referrals, see visits coming after clicking links on other websites

→ Create different administrator group and add new administrator users in them

→ Set the permissions for the administration groups (enable or disabled the access to selected pages of the admin panel for the members of this group)

→ Manage the website configuration options like time zone and others

→ Add new language versions of the website, set the page names, tags and content separately for the different languages

→ See users log in report for the admin panel

→ and many others ...