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What is ATN Link Directory?

atn link directory php script

ATN Link Directory is a software product written in PHP that can be easily installed (coming with an integrated setup wizard) on a server or hosting package to create a car dealer website.

It comes with a front site and a powerful admin panel allowing to post new listings, manage the different configuration options and settings and the website structure and content.

Responsive Layout (Front Site & Admin Panel)

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ATN Link Directory comes with a responsive layout and templates - adapting to any screen size (including tablets, smart phones etc.) for both the front site and administration panel.

Responsive design has never been so important for those looking to optimise their online content and reach new users, since today up to 40% of the web traffic comes from tablets and mobile devices.

Advanced & Easy to use administration panel

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We designed the administration panel coming with the software to be as fast and easy to use, as possible. The pages load quickly with no reloading (using AJAX technology) and the menus and different features are easy to find.

The administration panel can be also easily customized by for example dragging selected pages from the main menu to the dashboard, to create shortcuts to the most frequently used pages.