dashboard / admin panel atn store php script

Dashboard / Admin panel

The home page of the admin panel allows the administrator to see quick overview for the last orders, customers and statistics information.

products management in the admin panel atn store php script

Products Management in the admin panel

The page allows the administrator to see the current products and add new products to the store.

adding a new product atn store php script

Adding a new product

When adding a new product, the administrator can set this category, title, description, current and old price (the old price is shown striken, to show the discount), the product images (ajax file upload tool), set the shipping cost, the download url if it's a digital product and also if he wishes, he may include it in the customer loyalty program.

product reviews atn store php script

Product Reviews

On this page the administrator can see and manage the product reviews posted by the website visitors.

orders atn store php script


There are different pages in the admin panel showing the new, approved or rejected orders, order details and customers information.

coupons atn store php script


The coupons functionality allows the administrator to create coupons with different discounts for selected product categories.

customer loyalty product atn store php script

Customer Loyalty Product

With the customers loyalty program, it's possible to make the customers earn points when purchasing products (the number of points and products for which points are given can be set by the administrator), which can be spent after to get other products as a gift.

configuration options atn store php script

Configuration Options

On the Configuration Options page the administrator can manage the basic configuration settings like the system email address, the prices and date formatting, time zone, currency symbol and others.

shipping zones and costs atn store php script

Shipping Zones and Costs

The shipping zones and costs feature makes possible to create shipping zones and cost associated with them, so the final shipping cost is calculated as a function of the address of the customer and total weight of the products he is ordering.

taxes atn store php script


With the taxes functionality, the administrator can set the taxes as a function of the customer location and category of the ordered products.

templates and design atn store php script

Templates and design

The software comes with basic template and layouts for which the administrator can customize the colors, layout, set a different background and other settings.

additional templates atn store php script

Additional Templates

The additional templates coming with the software can be changed easily from the admin panel.

content management system atn store php script

Content Management System

The software comes with an advanced content management system built-in, allowing to manage the website structure and content, add new pages , modify the content of the existing ones and others.

news management atn store php script

News Management

The news feature makes possible to post news and anouncements on the website.

language versions atn store php script

Language Versions

The site can be configured to be multi language and new languages can be added from the admin panel.

administrator users & permissions atn store php script

Administrator Users & Permissions

The functionality allows to create additional administrator users and groups, which could be useful if more persons are working on the website and their permissions need to be limited to just some selected pages.